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batterie litio trazione


EK Custom products are designed in order to address all the specific requests of OEMs, in particular in the field of SPIDER LIFTS, AERIAL PLATFORMS, TRANSPALLET, SMALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES, MINI DUMPER AND GOLF KARTS.

EK batteries can cover solutions ranging from 12Volt to 1050Volt DC with a capacity from 40Ah to 2000Ah.

These ultralight batteries are based on safest LIFEPO4 technology. Product development is made in such a way that LONG LIFE PERFORMANCE is achieved. There is no comparison with any other lead acid battery in the market as life time can achieve such a great result as 3000 cycles @ 80% Depth of Dicharge.

Different solutions in terms of cells chemistry and layout can be considered as a function of the applications, load, charging current and ambient temperature.




EK batteries are fully set up in our factory in Imola (ITALY) based upont customer specifications.

Main Features

  • weight reduction up to 70%
  • Very fast charging
  • Low Self discharge rate
  • Long life cycle
  • Single cell BMS management

BMS Features

Modular BMS from 12V to 1050V DC with full features:

  • Balancing
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  •  Overtemperature monitoring
  • CAN Bus 2.0a / 2.0b / CanOPEN
  • Charging current management
  • REAL STATE OF CHARGE % displays


  • IP23/IP44/IP54
  • Air colling
  • Datalogger with SD memory
  • CANBus round display for SOC %
  • WIFI Modules
  • Remote Diagnostic and teleassistance

Ecology and Safety

  • Low environmental impact materials
  • Lead Freed
  • No liquid inside
  • LIFEPO4 technology =  safest


  • Individual product QC
  • Step by Step assembly QC
  • automotive standard compliant BMS

Tipical Applications

 spider lift aerial platform lithium batetry for sail boats Lithium batteries for electric boats Lithium batteries for telecom applications    Lithium batteries for Agricolture dumper