Lot of battery makers are focusing the AGV / LGV / INTRALOGISTIC industry as a mean to grow and make gross sales...

AGV lithium battery

No one should find this surprising.

Market is moving fast, factory automation is increasing in any part of the planet, labor cost is going to be reduced in term of impact, in particular for repetitive and dangerous activities.

Actually, operator safety is also a concern that smart and evolved AGV / LGV technology can increase. In particular areas, it is way better NOT to have human operated lifters / trackers as the safety of this job cannot reach a decent level.

So the world is focusing on automated drive systems. This is something that can be reality today, especially if we consider that factories are not cities, production lines are not streets, warehouse are not countryside downhills. So it somehow easier to limit a specific operational perimeter and AGV / LGV speed, compared to the enormous challenges of autonomos car drive.

It is like comparing an 8 CORE PROCESSOR with a COMMODORE 64 computer. The architecture complexity is different, but the simple solution is already there. So, back to our point, AGV / LGV will take a relevant share in the intralogistic market for the reasons above.

These machines can be operated 24h per day. And this move will finally require high performance batteries, in order to unleash their disruptive potential.

So far we believe (ask yourself why!), lithium is the answer. Tomorrow we do not know yet, but we have some educated guess...!

Our approach, as potential battery supplier, is not only to make a PLUG AND PLAY battery, but also to make the whole vehicle MORE AUTONOMOUS, SMARTER, MORE REACTIVE and with INCREASED RANGE compared to standard lead acid or pure lead solution.

Lithium batteries will become a key part of the machinery. This is why we developed some special features which are purely addressed to this type of application, just to name a few: WIFI bridge, SPECIAL Canbus controlled charge, DUAL speed charge control, REMOTE FLEET MANAGEMENT software, embedded programmable I/O PLC for charging request, fast balancing...and more!

AGV lithium battery details

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