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The world is following the direction of complexity. This trend is good as long as consider that complexity can allow final customer to improve user experience and have product with more features, compared to what it used to be in the past.

Mobile phones are now Smartphones, PCs are now TABLETs, Industrial Automation is now Internet of Things... Just take a product, and check out how it evolved and changed over the course of last 5 years.

We can expect this path is going to continue for long time, and its pace to be faster and faster.

This trend is likely to add features and changes to our lives, but it shall NOT costs a lot in terms of RELIABILITY and EXPECTATIONS. Actually the side effect of COMPLEXITY is that it can involve lower levels of RELIABILITY.

This is where Internet of Things is going to be crucial. In my vision, the opportunity of INDUSTRY 4.0 is lost by many who just see it as a STATE INCENTIVE matter, an opportunity to buy almost the same machinery with some financial / detaxation advantage. But this is not INDUSTRY 4.0.

It must be intended as an opportunity for the machinery manufacturer to do more, to do it smarter, to improve customer experience. So complexity shall be increased, and reliability shall be at least the same. It is not a matter of an extra Ethernet Gateway, added as a pluging into that specific machinery.

When moving from a standard battery to a lithium battery, our main goal is not to make you suffer from any aspects of the COMPLEXITY that we are installing and we are giving to you. If anyone feels this during the process, then it can cause a trouble to the trust and to the relationship that we strived to be build before selling our ALIANT Lithium battery.

Our EK Custom traction battery can feature WIFI onboard. But the key point is not WIFI: it is the software that can be used in combination with WIFI - the so called FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, that allows the end user to monitor several batteries and several vehicles over the same LAN with the clic of a mouse!

In the future, we are planning to make our BMS smarter, and allow remote upgrade / patch release / parameter adjust, in order to make our traction batteries STRONGER, MORE RELIABLE and ABLE TO LAST LONGER.

For this reason, we do not consider ourselves as battery maker but more as a kind of application developer.

If the habits we use to have until the advent of lithium era was

"you have to use that standard lead acid battery, that is the only one we have"

now the approach we try to establish is more

"tell me waht you need and how you use it, we will design the taylor made battery for your application".

No matter what your application is, just contact us...

ALIANT Ultralight Battery: taylor made energy storage solutions for the industry!