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The warranty battery Aliant for all private clients covers a period of 24 months from the date of placing on the market as determined by current standards in Europe as part of the Consumer Code.

Terms of Guarantee (as reported in the general conditions of sale batteries Aliant )

 The guarantee is as DEFECTS ONLY LIMITED to design, manufacture, materials or workmanship occurring during the period of twenty four (24) months after delivery of the Products, and therefore does not apply in the cases below:

• damage to the outer shell, such as cuts, bruises and damage to the plastic that compromise the integrity

• damage due to the product with a different charger than the model provided

• damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire or other acts of nature or external causes

• damage caused by improper use or otherwise without respecting the instructions in the manual Installation & Use

• damage resulting from changes or alterations to the product without the written consent of the Seller or in the event that they are not immediately applied the appropriate measures to prevent a worsening of the damage

This warranty is also applicable in the case of normal wear and tear of the battery, both the ordinary wear due to the operation or to external causes, both the extraordinary wear or failure due to thiol but not limited, to the overload operation, misuse or external causes or defects caused by accidents, force majeure, or from misuse or alteration of the Products or defects caused by transport, storage, keeping or use not appropriate, and / or behaviors different from the provisions of instructions and warnings supplied by the Seller and on the Site, the Products and / or packaging through which the Products are delivered, and in general defects resulting from causes not attributable or outside the control of the Seller.

For this purpose, it is noted that the products are guaranteed only for factory defects and not on the duration, the latter being conditioned wear and other adverse conditions such as, but not limited to, the presence of many electrical accessories , high frequency of cycles of charge and discharge, resulting in prolonged disuse sulfation, vibration, temperature, storage and / or maintenance.

The warranty will not cover in any case the damages, direct or indirect, to persons or property, and is the only guarantee granted to the Buyer, replacing any other condition or warranty, expressed, implied or statutory that has not been explicitly recognized by the Seller.

The warranty is subject to revocation, the denunciation of the defect or lack of quality, communicated in the forms of art. 9 by the Buyer to the Seller within 60 (sixty) days from the time when the Buyer has made the discovery, as well as the explicit request to seller, always communicated in the forms indicated, to make a warranty claim.


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