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The continuous development which is under the way with lithium batteries is frequently focused on AUTONOMY, RANGE and ENERGY DENSITY, as in many application these are the real barriers.


However, charging technology and BMS charging control, as a side plate, can be much of an argument, in our opinion.

That is why we have developed CANBUS control - the Battery Management System inside the lithium battery is actually the MASTER CONTROLLER of the charging current. In this way, the charger is actually considered more as a POWER SUPPLY with adjustable current, rather than a real BATTERY CHARGER.

The advantage of this choice can be summed up as follows:

  • single cell voltage control
  • single cell temperature control
  • overall battery voltage
  • overall battery temperature

Traditional systems do not take into account the first two set of parameters, which are actually making the differences. It has been proven that the battery lifecycle can be extended, as lower STRESSING charging cycles can be done and all the CELLS will be for sure used inside their range.

Furthermore, a specific low temperature charging interface is capable of charging the battery even when the cells are below 0°C.